Best Places to Visit in Matara

Best Places to Visit in Matara

It’s a sunny, captivating, and busy town in the down south. A commercial city with an admirable natural beauty, creating a modern window to the new world. It’s old. The elaborated coupling of traditional and novel environments collates the city with a perfect for tourism. The main attraction of Matara is its ramparts. Well- preserved Dutch architecture and street life adds a sophisticated well-decorated modern life throughout the wall of traditions for the Matara environment. It’s located 160km south of Colombo city. Nilawala Ganga, an extensive large river flowing into the Indian ocean through Marata beach, dividing the city into two areas. The old town and the new town. The old town is set into the seaside and the new town is connected to the mainland.

Matara city belonged to the preformation of Ruhunu kingdom built by King Dewanampiyathissa. The blooming days of the kingdom fall down in 1560, due to the invasion of Portuguese seafarers. Portuguese build the well-known Matara fortress, to protect their imperial from local rebels. In 1640, the fort was captured by the Dutch with the help of the locals. Dutch constructed many administrative buildings (VOC) inside the fort and included maximum security. At the time, the town became an important center of cinnamon and elephant trading.

The fort was attacked by the Kandyan kingdom in 1760. Dutch lost their base at Matara and regained control in 1762. Dutch built an additional fort, towards the riverbank of Nilwala as it still can be seen in the fort. Kept working on the trading and grew an extensive market in the city for the world’s best spices and other valuable resources until the British invasion in 1796.

Weather in Matara

The average weather in town is hot, windy, and overcast over the year. The temperature typically varies between 76°F to 89°F most of the days. Rain falls throughout the year. Extreme seasonal rainfall around November, with an average accumulation of 7 inches. Least rainfall in February about 2 inches. The length of the days doesn’t vary with visible changes staying within 30 minutes, off 12 hours throughout.

Are you planning to Visit Matara?

Check out the places we recommend you to visit on your trip to Matara.

Mirissa Beach

Mirissa Beach

Want to enjoy the bubbles of an untarnished seashore in a horizontal country? It’s somewhere harder to get into it. Hence, this beach is also called, the secret beach. Imagine, how it’s like when you are watching the sunset lying under e shadow of a coconut tree, enjoying the taste of fresh coconut water?

Watching the big surf waves in the western end of the bay. Watching some giant whales if you are interested. Few hours’ sleep on a hammock. This is an incredible experience you should never miss out on visiting Matara, someday in your life. Other seashores along the Sri Lankan island can be a little busier. But, Mirissa remaining calm until today, relaxed and refreshing atmosphere, providing the maximum experience of a torrid zone beach.

Mirissa beach is comparatively large, having plenty of space. If you are a caucasian, can lay down and enjoy the beach life while tanning your skin color into a golden yellow. At one end of the seashore, there is a very small island one can walk into it through rocks and have a good view at the top overlooking the beach and the sea beyond it. Staying a couple of days in Mirissa will add some memorable experiences for your life forever.

Mirissa Beach Location on the Map

Coconut Tree Hill

Coconut Tree Hill

A high cliff overlooking the gleaming water of the Indian ocean is a must-do when you are traveling through Mirissa. Having visited this private coconut estate, which is always open for all chilling travelers. Having the most typical profile picture after ending a horizontal country tour, this is your place for that. The dome-shaped hilltop, symmetrically grown coconut trees against the blue sky, the sun shined golden sea water in the background will give you the best profile picture ever.

Coconut tree hill situated near the Bandaramulla temple. Although this is private property, you can access the place in the day, or night and at no cost at all. A short walk over 10-15 minutes from the Mirissa beach, through the coconut estate, take you to this tree hills. At the top of the hill, you can watch the sun-kissed golden sea water, feel the breeze of the sea wind. This is a perfect place to watch the bold sunset from a high view at the seashore.

Entering the place in the morning or evening, when the sea isn’t rough will give the ultimate experience in having the most beautiful views. This place should be on your list before you leave the town.

Coconut Tree Hill Location on the Map

Weligama Beach

Weligama Beach

Does anyone need to learn surfing? A shallow sandy beach, about two kilometers stretch, one of the best places for someone who waits to catch his first wave. Weligama, Sandy village in English translation, is the best place for people who appreciate more connection with the ocean.

Early in the morning, most preferably before 9 a.m., having your surfboard in hand and time to spend some valuable time with waves. Weligama Bay is protected from the wind. 400m rides of slow, fewer power waves. Easily able to surf in 5 feets waves, when you are little experienced. Weligama beach is ideal for beginners in surfing.

Weligama town is situated closer to the beach and fishermen can be busy in the seashore. So, the beach can be mildly populated compared to others. Joining a deep-sea fishing trip or ride across the bay while enjoying the live experiences of fishing, will be interesting.

Chronicles reveal an interesting story of Weligama beach which is used as a port city since the time of King Parakramabahu. It’s was called “Mahawalukaragama” (Big sand city) in the Polonnaruwa era where the king sent his general, Rakkha to suppress the southern province. At present, it’s well known for surfing and tourism.

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Hiriketiya Beach

Hiriketiya Beach

A recently developed travel destination in Sri Lanka. I can assure you that, it will be your love at the first sight. The golden seashore, it’s beautiful, peaceful surroundings, the perfect environment will give you the feeling of being in heaven.

The tourists’ area is concentrated where the jungle meets the sea. The time spending with the aesthetic beauty will add some immortal memories in your travel journal. Is that all? If you are already a surfer or wish to become a surfer, this is a perfect place to take your surfing skills to next level. The horseshoe-shaped beach, create the rolling waves throughout the year, providing the challenges to improve your surfing grades. December to February period of the year will be best for beginners, while experienced players can surf during the other months.

If you aren’t interested in surfing, the palm-fringed beach and the magically clear water allow you to swim and chill. If you are lucky enough, you will be able to swim with turtles who show up in the shallow water mostly at midday. Grabbing some snacks, hanging around the beach, some surfing lessons, and swimming, chilling will thrill you out in Hiriketiya beach.

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Polhena Beach

Polhena Beach Matara

Not so far from the Matara city center, Polhena beach is situated in a clean atmosphere without much crowds or tourists. The beach is well-known for its’ peaceful beauty and sandy stretch. The difference between Polhena beach comparing to other beaches will be clearer for travelers who had been in Weligama and Galle. It’s more famous among local visitors other than foreigners.

Polhena beach is popular as a picnic bench. The naturally grown coral reef act as a fence for larger waves, softening the peak waves. It’s a natural swimming pool. This will be the most ideal place for Travelers who love engaging watersports, swimming, and snorkeling. It’s a safe beach for swimmers all along the year. Watching the breathtaking sunset is also a unique opportunity here. A rare scenery of sun falling into the sea is a majestic sight while relaxing on a hammock on the beachside. A hotspot for colorful sea fishes, mostly, around the reef. local boys catch sea fishes for export.

Polhena beach is located in the most southern part of the country. The sea area is also demotic for giant whales, turtles, and dolphins watching. Scuba diving, surfing, and sunbathing are popular activities of travelers here.

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Other important tourist places that you can visit along with Matara

Star Fort
Old Dutch Trade Center (Nupe Market)
Point Dondra & Dondra Lighthouse
Paravi Duwa Temple
Crow Island
Wewurukannala Temple
Wewrukannala Temple
Medawatta Beach