Welcome to Sri Lanka

Welcome to Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka, the paradise of the Indian ocean is one of the most popular tourist destinations all over the world. According to the travel planet review, it is in the first among the best countries to travel in 2019.

Sri Lanka has a unique bio and geographical diversity which has number of conventional species of animals and plants. Hill Country, located in the center of Island mostly has cold weather and mountains for hiking. Number of famous waterfalls, Devon, Lover’s Leap, St. Clare’s located in the hill country. Little New Zealand, little England are the famous names for Nuwara Eliya where has picturesque natural beauty. Hakgala Botanical garden, lake Gregory, Horton plains, Moon plains are the most famous for nature lovers where has most natural diversification.

Do you love the blue sea, sunny and gold coastal areas? Sri Lanka has the most scenic coastal areas from north to south. Coastal areas are mostly flat and sunny. The average temperature is between 28 degrees Celsius. Trincomalee where is the world-famous natural harbor, Unawatuna, Galle is the most popular coastal area among local and foreign tourists.

Sri Lanka has 3000 years of Written history and evidence shows up to the stone era. Further, the country enriched with a mixed culture. Sigirya, Sri Padhaya (Adam’s peak), Kandy, Anuradhapuraya, Polonnaruwa, Dambulla, Pahiyangala demonstrate the engineering and architectural rich history and cultural value of Sri Lanka.

In addition to that, Sri Lanka is mostly famous for tasty foods. Large variety of vegetables, fruits, seafood, spicy snacks, and sweets are enriching the food culture. Streets foods are the most popular element in foods.

Visiting in Sri Lanka is not a big deal if you worry about expenses. You can plan your trip according to your budget and preferences. Accommodations are starting from 10 dollars per night and meals can manage from even a few cents of a dollar. Most of the western countries have visa-free entries and you can apply for a visit visa online for a few dollars.